Making sense of marketing technology.

Making sense of marketing technology.

The Martech Weekly is a global media and research company serving marketers, researchers, journalists, consultants, and technology leaders spanning more than 65 countries and more than a million marketers.

We do this through our free Sunday newsletter subscription and premium newsletter product, TMW PRO, and our inaugural international awards event TMW 100. We also offer an online community space, a regular podcast called Making Sense of Martech, and frequently collaborate with other publications such as WARC, AdExchanger, ChiefMartec, and the MarTech Podcast.

The Martech Weekly is founded and owned by Juan Mendoza, a former senior marketing technology strategist working with blue-chip firms such as Nike, Vanguard, and Qantas Group. Juan has been working on supplying vital insights into the martech industry since 2020, transforming into an industry analyst, international keynote speaker, and the author of The Martech Weekly to help senior leaders work out exactly how the Martech industry is changing and why.

There's a lot of noise in the industry caused by so much rapid change and innovation happening all around us. Most of TMW's subscribers join because it's so challenging to keep up with what's really important in the industry.

Each week Juan Mendoza writes a depth newsletter about one main thing that happened in the marketing and technology industry every week our free subscribers. He tries to answer two questions with every issue:

1. What are the biggest shifts in the marketing technology industry?

2. What does it mean?

Our guiding values:

These values guide how we think about creating modern media products built for the internet and designed tastefully to deliver maximum value to our readers:  

Industry neutrality: We don’t run ads for technology companies, nor are we investors to ensure that we can remain objective about our reporting and analysis

Save you time: Our goal is to save readers time through curated, thoughtful, and succinct industry analysis every week to keep them ahead of the Martech industry

••The three N’s: If what lands on our desk is not Newsworthy, Novel, or Notable, then we don’t write about it. We aim to give our readers a perspective on what really matters as the marketing technology industry changes.

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