Making sense of marketing technology.

Making sense of marketing technology.

If we haven't met, my name is Juan Mendoza. I write The Martech Weekly.

Every day I'm thinking about how to extract value out of marketing technologies, where the industry is going and why.

Lately I've noticed that there's a lot of noise in the industry caused by so much rapid change and innovation happening all around us. In fact, the many people I talk to find it hard to keep up with what's really important in the space.

This is where The Martech Weekly comes in.

Each week I write a curated newsletter of everything that happened in marketing and technology: News, ideas, research and interesting work. I try to answer two question's with every issue:

1. What are the biggest shifts in the marketing technology industry?

2. What does it mean?

It’s one email, sent every single Sunday afternoon. I try to figure out what's happening in the industry and make sense of it all.

It's read mostly by senior to executive level people who work in some of the world's largest media, technology, consulting, advertising and research companies.

I'd love for you to join The Martech Weekly, so hit that subscribe button and give it a go.

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