TMW #170 | Aigency

Apr 14, 2024

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What do we gain when agencies adopt Generative AI? 

Agency people should be shaking in their boots. I mean that literally. Shaking in fear and terror. Generative AI is going to take away their jobs. No more lavish parties, no more cocaine in the bathroom stall, no more long boozy lunches with the campaign team. 

In fact, if you’re working in a consultancy or agency, I would start looking elsewhere now, unless you want to wind up in the McDonalds employment line. 

Open AI’s inventions – from ChatGPT, to Sora and DALL·E – are all existential threats to the existing content creation, advertising, and PR models. I mean why would you want to hire a cranky creative director called Chad who always turns up to work hungover at 10am, when you can hire a 1,000 Chads on demand, without the crankiness? 

I mean, have you seen Sora, OpenAI’s new video production tool? You can do amazing creative without even needing a video editor! Or have you met the latest AI influencer yet? Kim Kardashian has nothing on an army of AI Instagram models optimized for maximum engagement. 

The future is here, agency folks. And it doesn’t include you, or your hangovers. 

At least that’s what the media wants you to believe. Hysteria about job disruption by AI is bad enough in the mainstream, but it’s even worse in agency land – a domain of tight margins, overwork, and almost always over-eagerness to embrace the new trend, whatever it may be. 

And that’s exactly what we’re seeing as Generative AI smashes into the side of the traditional agency business model. Exuberant investments in the billions on one hand, and fear and trepidation of significant loss on the other. 

So if the Aigency is coming, what will it take away? What is left over? Before long, might you find yourself pitching a Big Mac combo instead of pitching a fresh campaign to a marketing executive? Let’s find out. 

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