MSoM #032 | OpsStars: B2B Media Empires

Sep 9, 2022

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A conversation with Michael Adams & Melissa McCready.

In this episode I’m joined by Michael Adams and Melissa McCready. Michael is the General Manager and Melissa is the content chair at OpsStars - an online community, media and events company servicing revenue and marketing operations practitioners. Previous to OpsStars, Michael has worked across a number of roles in communications, thought leadership  and media for software companies like Cisco. Melissa is the principal at The Growth Ops community and works in the growth operations industry as an advisor and consultant.

In this episode we talk about B2B Media Empires, the growing trend of software companies building media brands to service their specific market. How OpsStars was launched by Lean Data, a revenue orchestration platform company and into the journey of building valuable media properties in niches across the marketing technology ecosystem.

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You can find Michael Adams on LinkedIn.

You can find Melissa McCready on LinkedIn.

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