MSoM #036 | Building Competitive Intelligence

Nov 10, 2022

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Welcome to Making Sense of Martech, interviews with some of the most interesting people in marketing technology.

Making Sense of Martech is an extension of the TMW newsletter. Each week readers ask me to go deeper into the most popular topics of the newsletter. Making Sense of Martech adds additional context to what's featured every week by interviewing the people behind the research, ideas, and important work.

A conversation with Andy McCotter-Bicknell.

In this episode I am joined by Andy McCotter-Bicknell, the head of competitive intelligence at Click-Up, content creator and founder of the competitive playbook - an online course that helps companies to build competitor intelligence programs from scratch.

We talk about the emerging field of competitive research and strategy in B2B SaaS companies, Andy’s journey building the competitive playbook, the differentiation of Clickup, competing beyond product and features, the state of competitive intel in the tech industry, building a competitive intelligence programs in companies, how competitive intel influences company strategy, and many other topics.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Andy on LinkedIn.

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