MSoM #041 | Josh Alvernia on conversion APIs, climate change, and building for privacy

Mar 5, 2023

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A conversation with Josh Alvernia.

In this episode, I am joined by Joshua Alvernia, the CEO, and co-founder of Clue.

Clue is a leading data and media partner for search, social, and programmatic advertising. They help marketers interpret and transform their data into growth. Clue is a digital-native company with empowered, remote staff located around the world. Recently they did a collaborative research piece with Digiday that analyses the emergence of something called conversion APIs, a solution that fits into the evolving jigsaw puzzle of what happens to tracking and targeting once third-party cookies go away.

In this episode, Josh and I work through what Conversion APIs are, their role in online advertising, dealing with change in the advertising industry from a hands-on perspective, and how the movement toward online privacy seems very similar to climate change.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Josh on LinkedIn.

📚 Resources

Home - Clue
Clue is a leading data analytics and media solution for insights-driven marketing across search, social, and programmatic channels.
WTF are conversions APIs?
As marketers work to find ways to better understand and enrich their first-party data without pixels, conversions APIs are leading the way in solving their performance challenges.
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