MSoM #44| Ross Candido on the social stack and the evolution of social listening

Apr 21, 2023

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A conversation with Ross Candido.

Today I’m joined by Ross Candido. Ross is the VP of ANZ and SEA at Meltwater a leading media monitoring & social analytics platform. Meltwater offers a suite of solutions that spans media, social, consumer, and sales intelligence. By analysing ~1 billion pieces of content each day and transforming them into vital insights, Meltwater provides competitive intelligence and consumer insights for over 27,000 global customers across six continents. Ross has been instrumental in growing one of the longest-standing and influential media intelligence and social analytics platforms, and bringing Meltwater to new markets including South East Asia, China, UAE and South Africa, before landing his current role based out of Australia.

In this episode, we’ll talk about the social stack - all the tools that make up social marketing, public relations, and media monitoring. We talk about how social listening has evolved over time, the wide varieties of data available to companies from social channels, how insights are gained from media data, and how the way we socialise has changed.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Juan on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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