MSoM #45| Myles Younger on the convergence of Adtech and Martech

May 3, 2023

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A conversation with Myles Younger.

Today I have Myles Younger. Myles is the Head of Innovation & Insights at U of Digital, an AdTech focused education firm. Prior to joining U of Digital. Myles’ nearly 20 year career in advertising has spanned every facet of the business, from his time in client-side marketing, to his experience as an ad tech founder and product leader, to his experience inside the world of agencies and consulting. Most recently Myles was VP Go-to-Market, Data at Media.Monks and prior to that he founded the Canned Banners dynamic ads platform which was acquired by Thunder in 2017. Writing and speaking frequently on digital media & advertising topics, Myles is a regular contributor to industry publications such as Adweek, AdExchanger, and AdMonsters.

In this episode Myles and I speak about… convergence of advertising and marketing tools, how third-party cookies are radically changing the industry, educational challenges in the industry and how AdTech can shake off its increasingly negative perception.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

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