MSoM #57 | Bobby Tichy & Michael Burton on hyper specializing in the stack

Sep 13, 2023

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A conversation with Bobby Tichy & Michael Burton.

In this episode, we’re joined by Bobby Tichy and Michael Burton, co-founders at Stitch. Both Bobby and Michael are well-respected within the martech industry, bringing a unique perspective to customer engagement, CX, tech stacks, and the martech industry overall.

Bobby Tichy is a veteran of two of the most well-respected brands in martech, Marketo and Salesforce, where he led and supported implementations for many big brands. After his time with those two companies, Bobby moved onto Lev, a Salesforce consultancy, before the company was acquired in 2022 by Cognizant. At that point, Bobby teamed up with Michael to co-found Stitch, a martech consultancy that focuses on Braze and MarTech architecture. Now in his role as Chief Solutions Officer, Bobby leads the company’s solutions team, and loves to talk about martech architecture, customer engagement platforms, the customer journey, and more.

Michael Burton is also a veteran of Salesforce who has worked at several other companies, including ExactTarget, which went on to be acquired by Salesforce. After leaving Salesforce, he also made his way over to Lev, where he rose up the ranks from Senior Director to SVP to CEO, the position he held when the company was acquired. Now serving as the CEO of Stitch, Michael is continuing to focus on building and scaling professional services for marketing technology. His areas of expertise include meaningful metrics, customer engagement, CX, and the martech industry as a whole.

In this conversation, we dive into going through the process of a company acquisition, implementing the right martech stack, CX strategy, Stitch’s partnership with Braze, and a look to the future of martech.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

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