MSoM #58 | Gareth Noonan the rise of the B2B Adtech paradigm

Oct 4, 2023

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A conversation with Gareth Noonan.

In this episode we’re joined by a leader in the world of B2B adtech and martech, someone whose expertise has truly left an indelible mark, Gareth Noonan.

Gareth Noonan is an accomplished General Manager at Demandbase, recognized for spearheading international cross-functional teams in Sales, CX, and Operations. With a track record of steering business units to generate over $150M in revenue, Gareth's proficiency extends to Programmatic Strategy, Operations, Sales, Business Development, and Product management. He's an expert in mobile app and desktop video, OTT, native, and display advertising across all screens.

Gareth has held prominent positions at leading industry players. He served as the General Manager for Americas at Smaato, driving impactful strategies in the Adtech landscape. As the SVP of Operations at AdFormics, Gareth contributed to their success for nearly three years, showcasing his strategic prowess. Currently, Gareth is the GM of Advertising at Demandbase.

In this episode, we discuss the journey of building Demandbase's demand-side platform and their pivotal shifts in Adtech thinking, the challenge of adapting B2C-centric Adtech to the intricate B2B landscape, the significance of a B2B-specific DSP for Account-Based Marketing strategies, the concept of the "dark funnel" in marketing and its impact on B2B campaigns and lastly, we explore the rise of Connected TV in the B2B realm.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Gareth on LinkedIn.

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Demandbase is a leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software, Go-to-Market (GTM) Tools, B2B Advertising Platform, and B2B Data.
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