MSoM #61 | Ari Paparo on the fool’s errand of media

Oct 25, 2023

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A conversation with Ari Paparo.

In this episode we’re joined by Ari Paparo the famous host of the very popular Marketecture Podcast and the CEO and founder of LaunchScience, a newly launched (pardon the pun) startup in the category of process management for GTM and product teams. Prior to these two new ventures, Ari founded and exited Adtech platform Beeswax to Comcast and worked stints at Google, Nielsen, and AppNexus.

In this conversation, we speak about the overlap between the Adtech and finance industry, antipatterns in product launches, the fool's errand of software businesses doing media, the surprising second-order effects hitting Adtech in the shift to a more private web, and how Ari feels about all the negative press directed towards the Adtech industry.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Ari on LinkedIn.

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