MSoM #62 | Lauren Maffeo on designing data governance for good

Nov 15, 2023

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A conversation with Lauren Maffeo.

In this episode we’re joined by Lauren Maffeo. Lauren is an award-winning service designer working full-time at Steampunk where she serves the U.S. federal government. She is a founding editor of Springer’s AI and Ethics Journal and an adjunct lecturer of Interaction Design at The George Washington University. Lauren has written for Harvard Data Science Review, Financial Times, and The Guardian. She has also presented her research on bias in AI at Princeton and Columbia Universities, Google DevFest DC, and Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters and is the author of Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up.

In this episode we talk about the societal impact of data governance, the link between human-centered design and managing data in a company, the anti-patterns in data management, the importance of culture in breaking down data silos, balancing transparency with security, the link between data quality and misinformation and many other topics… 

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Lauren on LinkedIn.

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Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up
Put the data that runs your business to work for you. Embed data governance into your practice, and build processes to data during and after deployment.
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