TMW #182 | Oracle’s Fools Errand

Jul 7, 2024

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Oracle’s Fools Errand

Why didn’t Oracle become an Adtech powerhouse?

The other day, I went onto Oracle’s website looking for information about its Adtech offering. 

And I was greeted by a sock.

A website page of a sock

Description automatically generated

Maybe the sock is an metaphor for something? Perhaps it tells a story about Oracle’s doomed multi-billion dollar investments into the Adtech industry. Maybe it’s a reminder to do my laundry??? Who knows? It’s a sock! 

So Oracle has decided to move away from Adtech. This seems like a strange move. But as I wrote for Martech Series this past week, it’s no surprise at all. The company was a first-mover, and as one of the largest cloud providers on Earth, Oracle had all of the opportunities out there to build a big Adtech-focused data business. And as one of the rare companies that manages successful products on both the Adtech and Martech sides of the industry, an ideal situation would be an increasing merger between them. 

Oracle is also on an incredible run right now, booking $14 billion in revenues as of last month recently and only growing. The pioneer in enterprise data management had the opportunity of a lifetime with third-party cookie deprecation. But Oracle dropped the ball. How in the world did that happen? 

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