TMW #178 | Wednesday Martech Briefing

Jun 5, 2024

Welcome to The Martech Weekly, where every week I review some of the most interesting ideas, research, and latest news. I look to where the industry is going and what you should be paying attention to.

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The AI reseller's bind, PayPal's ad network, identity critical mass

Here’s the week in Martech:

  • The AI reseller's bind: PwC becomes OpenAI’s first official enterprise reseller.
  • PayPal's ad network: Payments are the new cookies. 
  • Identity critical mass: More partnerships for The Trade Desk.
  • Everything else: The Google Search leak, ad blocking is back in the spotlight, the MFA publisher portal, is ABM a waste of time, and more.

 👇 Heres everything you’ve missed in marketing and tech this week.

📰 Latest Developments

The AI reseller's bind. OpenAI's real strength isn't its data scientists or its LLMs; it's the ability to continually generate its own hype. That trend continued last week as the company announced a deal with the consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which will take on roughly 100,000 ChatGPT Enterprise licenses for its employees, and also become the first official reseller of OpenAI's enterprise product. A spokesperson explained that by rolling out ChatGPT internally first, PwC will "save clients from any of the challenges or scars that they might have." Excuse me – scars? I can't imagine a Salesforce or Adobe reseller would describe the products they are selling as leaving scars. This language shows precisely how far PwC - in fact, all of us - are from fully understanding how to deploy AI in enterprises. Yes, there are some clear-cut use cases, but AI's wholesale enterprise takeover simply hasn't eventuated yet. Programming was presumed to be ripe for replacement by AI, but recent research by Purdue University shows that 52% of programming answers generated by ChatGPT are incorrect. All the hype around AI has put immense pressure on companies to be seen as adopting the technology, creating the conditions for reseller agreements where the reseller doesn't fully understand what they are reselling. This bind is dangerous for the clients of resellers who will have to contend with them being incentivized towards selling in AI, despite the fact they are still grappling with how to use it effectively themselves. PwC Deal | Research

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