TMW #158 | There is mystery in Martech

Jan 21, 2024

Welcome to The Martech Weekly, where every week I review some of the most interesting ideas, research, and latest news. I look to where the industry is going and what you should be paying attention to.

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Welcome to Keanu Taylor. I’ve got something – or rather someone – very special to share with you as we kick off 2024. That’s right, we’re bringing on our first-ever researcher for The Martech Weekly: say a big, massive hello to Keanu Taylor! As a researcher, Keanu will increasingly be contributing to TMW newsletters and will be co-hosting our upcoming weekly briefing podcasts alongside yours truly. Learn more about Keanu and why he’s joining TMW

There is mystery in Martech

After all these years, marketing technology still mystifies me

Hello and welcome to a new year! 2024 has arrived, and I’ve returned from the holiday break with more questions than answers for you.

When sitting down to think about the first regular essay for TMW this year, I was mulling over a bunch of stories that broke over the holidays. I looked at reviewing the market reactions to Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies that are now (finally) trickling in, or Apple’s looming antitrust case and what it teaches us about the limits of ecosystems, or what appears to be a flurry of continued Generative AI integration into Martech apps (along with fresh lawsuits)… All topics worthy of a good, hard look.

But it’s the start of the year, and that can all wait. The one thing that struck me during my small reprieve from the newsfeeds is that Martech is full of mystery. After years of writing and a bunch of time in the field, there’s just so much I can’t explain.

So to kick us off for 2024, here’s everything I don’t know about Martech, but will endeavor to find out this year. Are some of these not-so-mysterious? Reply to this email and tell me why!

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