Welcoming Rutger Katz

Jun 19, 2024

Say a big hello to Rutger Katz! As our UK and EU Content Lead, Rutger will be working on building our inaugural event series, the Martech World Forum, with a focus on driving our contributor and content strategy – kicking off this October with the Martech World Forum London.

When it comes to Martech, Rutger is a mastermind. He’s integrated the tech, he’s aligned the teams, and he’s analyzed into the data. And now he’s with us as a trusted partner for MWF and The Martech Weekly, curating our expert speakers and bringing you exclusive cutting-edge insights - you won’t want to miss what he has in store for us all!

Rutger has a career that spans both the brand, technology, and consulting side. Working at big names such as Ernst & Young and Capgemini, leading digital transformation at global and local giants such as Unilever, Hilti, and Friesland Campina. Rutger is no stranger to the realities of managing large, complex Martech programs. 

Some call him the Martech wrecking ball, knocking over silos and demolishing blockers, and for good reason! The privacy and data landscape is shifting rapidly in the UK and Europe, so we needed someone with their ear to the ground and who knows how the landscape is shifting in the region. And if anyone fits that description, it’s Rutger!

This is what Rutger had to say about joining us at TMW and the Martech World Forum team: 

“I have always enjoyed organizing high-class events, and joining The Martech Weekly's MarTech World Forum is an incredible opportunity. The team is a funny and conscientious bunch that has consistently produced quality independent content, awards, and now exceptional events. These events set a new standard in the industry, providing extreme value without any sales pitches.

What truly sets our events apart is their intimate scale, allowing for genuine interactions with MarTech thought leaders. I'm thrilled to be leading the European chapter, collaborating with local thought leaders to ensure that our event delegates receive the same high-quality, independent content and exceptional experiences they expect from The Martech Weekly's newsletter.” 

We’re so excited to welcome Rutger to Team MWF, and are super grateful that he can share his experience, talents, and war stories with us. If you’re interested in starting a conversation about partnering with us to expand the domain of knowledge in marketing technology, you can reach Rutger on LinkedIn, at rutger@themartechweekly.com, or apply to speak at MWF London HERE.

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