The 20 and 200 | What's next for TMW

Dec 4, 2020

I've always been a believer in the value of building in public, both to help others along in their journey with the lessons you've learned and to be transparent with the community TMW is creating.

20 newsletters, 30,000 words, 700+ links and more than 200 subscribers, later The Martech Weekly has never stopped being a fun project and the best way I can think of to satisfy my own curiosity in this rapidly evolving space of marketing tech.

To reflect on the journey so far, I've done a small presentation looking at progress made, some lessons I've learned along the way and what's in store as we head into 2021.

Let's dive into it.

Juan Mendoza

Marketing technology strategist at The Lumery, I analyse marketing, data, and technology trends for some of the most well-known Australian and global brands.

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