TMW #156 | Wednesday Martech Briefing

Dec 13, 2023

Welcome to The Martech Weekly, where every week I review some of the most interesting ideas, research, and latest news. I look to where the industry is going and what you should be paying attention to.

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Google’s Gemini, Reddit’s ad strategy, and regulating AI

Here’s the week in Martech: 

  • Google’s Gemini: The next iteration of Generative AI?
  • Reddit’s ad strategy: Taking steps to building a proper ad network
  • Regulating AI: An overview of what the UK, EU, and US are doing
  • Everything else: Twilio’s over-investment in Segment, Martech acceleration, Gmail’s new rules for bulk email, killing the algorithm, and “promot-ographers”

 👇 Here’s everything you’ve missed in marketing and tech this week.

Google’s Gemini. This week Google announced Gemini, the direct competitor of OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM. The announcement came with a splashy image recognition demo that presents a person drawing things, speaking to the program, and showing the camera items. However, the BBC found that the viral video was edited to show faster responses, and that the AI was not responding to voice or video at all. Despite this, the underlying tech shows a remarkable level of contextual awareness and interaction with multiple modes of information. Google’s plan with this app is not to release a specific chatbot or image recognition program, but to embed the technology into its suite of products, including integration with the Bard AI chatbot. You can imagine this kind of real-time recognition being deployed in stores and on websites and apps as customers interact with their environment. Early days, but this seems like the next building block for Generative AI. LinkBBCVideo.

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