MSoM #017 | The role of marketing communities

Dec 12, 2021

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google and everywhere else.

Welcome to Making Sense of Martech, an irregular set of interviews with some of the most interesting people in marketing technology.

Making Sense of Martech is an extension of the TMW newsletter. Each week readers ask me to go deeper into the most popular topics of the newsletter. Making Sense of Martech helps to add additional context into what's featured every week by interviewing the people behind the research, ideas, and important work.

In this episode of Making Sense of Martech,  I’m joined by Mike Rizzo. He's the founder of the online community dedicated to marketing operations - Mo Pros. Mike has a long and interesting career across marketing technology and growth marketing management. Mike recently left his role with Mavenlink overseeing community and loyalty programs to dive into Mo Pros full time as the community has grown significantly over the past four years. We talk about the need for independent online communities that support professionals, why Mike founded Mo Pros to support the marketing technology industry, the role of mentorship and peer learning in a marketing technologist's career, and how education is changing in the industry.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Mike Rizzo on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can find the Mo Pros community here.

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Juan Mendoza

Marketing technology strategist at The Lumery, I analyse marketing, data, and technology trends for some of the most well-known Australian and global brands.

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