MSoM #018 | Immersive experience and the future of the internet

Dec 18, 2021

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Welcome to Making Sense of Martech, an irregular set of interviews with some of the most interesting people in marketing technology.

Making Sense of Martech is an extension of the TMW newsletter. Each week readers ask me to go deeper into the most popular topics of the newsletter. Making Sense of Martech helps to add additional context into what's featured every week by interviewing the people behind the research, ideas, and important work.

In this episode, I’m joined by Preston So, he’s the senior director of product strategy at Oracle, the editor in chief of Tag1 Consulting, the Editor of A List Apart, a regular columnist at CMSWire, and the founder of Decoupled Days. Preston is also an author with two newly released books; Voice Content and Usability and Gatsby: The Definitive Guide. Preston has had a long and storied career working on the bleeding edge of digital and has in recent times been focusing his attention on the opportunities of voice in customer experiences.

We talk about the need to rethink how we understand what customer experience is online, preparing brands for the emergence of new technologies that will usher in new ways for people to interact with products and services, and how content strategy is transforming as the way we use the internet is becoming more diversified.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Preston So on LinkedIn and Twitter and on

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Juan Mendoza

Juan Mendoza is an expert in researching global media, marketing, data, and technology trends. He is the CEO of The Martech Weekly, a media and research brand with subscribers in over 65 countries.

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