MSoM #037 | Debating Reverse ETL

Nov 19, 2022

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A conversation with Tejas Manohar & Michael Katz.

In this episode I am joined by  Tejas Manohar, the Co-CEO of Hightouch Data and Michael Katz the CEO of mParticle. Over the past few years, a new category of customer data platforms has emerged called reverse ETL - data activation, enrichment, and analytics that runs on data on top of the data warehouse. Championed by Hightouch data and numerous other startups, there has been a growing shift in how tech leaders are thinking about the role of the CDP in their business in conjunction with existing data warehouses like Snowflake, GCP, and AWS.

In this episode, we have two of the leading voices in this discussion to talk about the changing role of the CDP category, if reverse ETL makes sense as a category of tech, the modern data stack, the unbundling of CDPs, the value of data in a company, the problem of data waste, and many other topics.

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, and everywhere else.

You can find Tejas on LinkedIn.

You can find Mike on LinkedIn.

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