TMW #180 | Wednesday Martech Briefing

Jun 22, 2024

Welcome to The Martech Weekly, where every week I review some of the most interesting ideas, research, and latest news. I look to where the industry is going and what you should be paying attention to.

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Welcome to Rutger!

We have exciting news this week! First and foremost, we are very happy to announce that the amazing Rutger Katz has joined us at TMW to lead the UK and EU chapters of the Martech World Forum. To kick things off, Rutger will be working with us to drive our contributor strategy and lead our content for the Martech World Forum London!

Speaking of which, London contributor applications are now open!

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Synthetic research, SMS marketing gets a makeover, good night, Oracle Advertising

Here’s the week in Martech: 

  • Synthetic research: Interviewing AI personas instead of customers.
  • SMS marketing gets a makeover: Apple and Meta are improving messaging. 
  • Good night, Oracle Advertising: The privacy movement catches up with Oracle.
  • Everything else: Justice for the Adobe subscribers, retail media aggregation, 30-second ads at 30,000 feet, is seat-based pricing dead? and more.

 👇 Heres everything you’ve missed in marketing and tech this week.

📰 Latest Developments

Synthetic research. If I told you that I could survey your customers with 95% accuracy in a fraction of the usual time and price, would you take me up on it? What if I told you that all those customers are AI-generated personas? This isn't an episode of Black Mirror; this is Martech reality. Evidenza, a New York-based startup, has launched its synthetic research platform, which uses LLMs to simulate the folks that a marketer might like to survey or interview to provide responses that the company claims are 95% accurate based on its testing. If that accuracy scales across industries, brands, and audience types, then synthetic research will be commonplace in the near future. Not only does it apply to B2C research, but it would provide particular value for B2B marketers who want to target very small niches for their research that may not be easily accessible via traditional research methods. Evidenza is pitching its platform as a faster, cheaper, and better way to do research, but like most AI-powered technologies, synthetic research will work well for certain use cases and not as well for others. It's impossible to replace the lived experience of customers, so it might not be best used to determine a Net Promoter Score, but synthetic research represents a logical extension of LLMs, using their predictive power to understand how customers might feel about potential changes in marketing – and even the product itself. Link

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