TMW #154 | The device drought is over

Dec 3, 2023

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The device drought is over 

The next big device shift is kicking off, but what does it mean for digital marketing? 

It’s been a long ten years of nothing spectacularly interesting in the device department. In fact, we’ve been in a long stagnation compared to any other period of internet-connected device innovation. In the realms of chips, plastic, glass, and silicone; the past few years have seen mostly iteration on top of existing ideas. 

Case in point: the things we pick up, type, and touch daily to use the internet haven’t changed much since the early 90s for desktop computing. We use the same keyboard and screen layouts today. The iPhone, of course, changed the concept of what computing can look like, but it’s been a good 15 years since it came to market. We’ve been using sleek black rectangles ever since. 

Surely we’re ready for something new? I think we are. In 2024, we’re set for a new generation of hardware concepts that are pulling in two entirely different directions, which have big implications for how marketers will be able to access consumers online. 

A short history of device homogeneity 

If you were working through the 90s, you know what an exciting time it was for all kinds of new electronic devices. Personal computers were becoming normalized, and the internet started disrupting the stacks of paper and endless memos on your desks. 

Remember the Atari? The first mobile phone? What about personal computing with laptops? Palm Pilot? Gameboy? Tamagotchi? DSLR cameras? Walkman? My first mobile phone was a Nokia 3316, and boy did I waste countless hours playing Snake on that tiny little grayscale screen.

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