TMW #001 | The end of 3rd party cookies, staying competitive during CV-19 and the lizard brain

Jul 17, 2020

The 3rd party cookie apocalypse, a yoga instructor who is looking to scale and the lizard brain. The 3rd ever edition of the TMW is here, and ready for the weekend reading. Every week I pick out the most interesting news stories and articles covering marketing, analytics, personalization, tech, and anything else I find interesting.

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πŸ‘ŒTop #3

πŸ’£ Emerging out of the ITP / 3rd party cookie apocalypse is Silverbullet, promising the "4D platform" a contextual ad targeting engine using 1st party cookies on display and social so that brands minimize risk of having their content associated with fake news and racism. Market need, tick. But can they deliver the goods? Will they be, ahem, the silver bullet brands need? Link

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Mark Ritson has a great point - the pandemic has flattened competitive advantage for everyone, including his wife's yoga instructor. Everyone can get in the game because the barriers to digital are lower than ever. This, more than anything else, will be disrupting legacy brands. Just look at what's happening to education (streaming) institutions. Worth a read if you can get past the cringy story about Mark's wife's yoga instructor. Link

🦎 If it's not painfully obvious by now it should be. If any brand is doing any form of digital experimentation without considering the very human, very emotional factors to what makes a great experience for customers then they will not come out on top of this pandemic. I've always said that we need to optimize for the lizard brain. This short guide is very helpful and worthy of any experimentation practitioner's time. Link

πŸ“š Everything Else

A PPC and CRO agency partnering with a VC fund. That's maple syrup and pancakes for startups. Very cool. Link

Tiktok and culture wars. Something actually worth reading about the issue. Link

My favorite tool right now is also really good at optimizing sign-ups. #gonotion Link.

Afterpay missed an opportunity here. Big time. Link

Great news, Google is thinking hard about how to take on Slack and Microsoft in the messenger space. Link

Maybe HEY isn't the future? Link

COVID-19 is not stopping Nike from experimenting. Differentiation through iteration. Link

Mumbrella is the canary in the agency coal mine. Watch out. Link

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