TMW #002 | Wrong-termism, how to use marketing frameworks and marketing agility

Jul 24, 2020

Long and short term mental models, collating the world's marketing frameworks and agile marketing.

Every Friday I wrap up some of the most interesting content I've found on the internet.

Here's everything you've missed this week.

👌Top #3

🧠 Wrong-termism. The marketing world's love affair with dichotomies is obvious, pitting categories against each it's a mental shortcut to get to a solution and find insights. This is no more prevalent in the industry than short and long term strategic thinking. Most approaches plan for either/or instead of both/and. The way forward is to achieve equilibrium, not through balance but integration between long and short tactical strategies. A great (long) read on this topic and some great recommendations. Link

🍱Frameworks, frameworks everywhere. This week I had the pleasure of having a chat with Baiba Matisone, a senior strategic planner and freelance researcher. We discussed how frameworks are used to expand strategic thinking and not constrain it and how to stay healthy in an agency among many other things. Baiba has been working on pulling together a whole bunch of very useful frameworks used by agencies all over the world. Use them to broaden your strategic horizons. Link

The agile marketer - I wish more marketing teams discovered agile ways of working. I think it would be like discovering fire for the first time, and potentially light a fire under their seat to deliver business value faster and progressively. It always boggles my mind when I see a demarcation between digital (web) and marketing (CRM) ways of working. But there's a change coming, and more marketing teams are thinking about how to they can experiment more, deliver great work quickly, regularly and iteratively. And I. Like. It. A lot. Link

📚 Everything Else

Mental McDonalds - I once heard a stat that for an average American adult, an equivalence of 15 - 20 years are spent on smartphones. Science is saying we're getting dumber because of it. Link

The AI event horizon - GPT-3 is scary good at many many things. Like writing its own code from a simple description of what you want it to do. Link

Everyone fails - This article talks about how Coca Cola embraces it. Link

Causality and business analytics - A great (short guide) discussing how to extrapolate causality from a data set using the causal flow methodology. Link

Virality is your CV - This guy photoshopped a fake ad and got a job offer after it went viral. Link

Code on ice - Github is preserving source code for thousands of years in the svalbard global seed vault. Link.

A marriage made in hell - Taboola and Outbrain are merging. And I thought 2020 was bad enough. Link

Until next week!

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