Welcoming James Delliquanti

Jan 24, 2024

Say a big, massive, hearty hello to James Delliquanti! As our Global Head of Partnerships and Sales, James will be working on building our inaugural event series, the Martech World Forum, gathering global leaders in three great locations across 2024: Melbourne, San Francisco, and London!

I first met James back in 2022 when he reached out – famous Martech landscape supergraphic in hand – wanting to get our views on how the marketing technology industry is shifting. The thing that first struck me about James is his curiosity, but also his incredible ability to build trust from the first word.

To meet demand for our sponsors and partners in each location, we’ve increasingly needed someone who can drive our relationships to make MWF the most valuable experience for marketers and our partners in the industry. As if by some mysterious magic, James came out of literally nowhere with a random phone call on the eve of Christmas, curious as ever about what we’re working towards.

He shared his wide and varied experience with me, including a stint at the All American Racers Indy Cars team. The conversation went something like this:

Since then, James has decided to join us to bring MWF to the global marketing technology industry. He’s taking a huge risk by developing three brand new international events, with a lot of unknowns and “what if’s”. But it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. James has spent the past 15 years building all kinds of events in tech and, often starting from zero, he’s been able to bring awesome experiences to market to become industry-defining events.

We’re so excited to welcome James to Team TMW, and are super grateful that he can share his experience, talents, and war stories with us. If you’re interested in starting a conversation about partnering with us to expand the domain of knowledge in marketing tech, you can reach James on LinkedIn or at james@themartechweekly.com

Here's what James has to say about joining TMW:

The world of events has had me in its glitzy clutches for over 15 years now. I have worn many hats, navigated different models, and danced between the delegate and sponsorship sides of the business.

From the intimate one-to-one meetings to the grand expos, conferences, and trade shows, I reveled in the buzz of creating valuable connections for our Partners, fostering business opportunities, and being an extension of our clients’ sales and marketing teams.

My journey began in sunny San Diego, managing a vibrant sales team and nurturing events from their fragile infancy to flourishing adulthood. New York City, with its electrifying energy, was my next conquest. There, I honed my skills, trained eager minds, and recruited talent to fuel our events machine. 

Then came the call from Australia, a country beckoning with its laid-back charm and the challenges that can come with that outlook. I embraced the adventure, diving headfirst into managing teams, resurrecting events from the ashes, and creating new ones from scratch… even researching and discovering the opportunity and viability of a live Martech-focused event in the midst of a pandemic.

But my life hasn’t been confined to just spreadsheets and conference rooms. My past held a secret, a brush with Hollywood glamor. Imagine me, a wide-eyed extra hanging out with Brad Pitt on his first movie, sharing the big screen with the enigmatic Robert Downey Jr., James Spader, Jami Gertz, and hanging filming with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The movie? Less Than Zero, a title that couldn't be further from the fulfilling richness of my current events career. 

My first experience in partnering companies with the opportunity of sponsorship for the world stage was for Dan Gurney's All American Racers Indy Cars team.  The roar of engines, the smell of burnt rubber, and the thrill developing the business that fueled a champion's journey – it was pure adrenaline. 

In my free time I am all about the sport they play in heaven… Rugby Union.  As a player, Secretary of a Club, and most recently as the founder of the first All Abilities opportunity in the sport here in Sydney. The Sydney Mixed Abilities Rugby Team (SMART) Powerful Owls allows anyone to play and learn the sport that I have grown to love over the last decade and a half… and it is fulfilling beyond belief.

These experiences, a kaleidoscope of professional triumphs and fleeting cinematic magic, painted my life in vibrant hues. The events industry has been my canvas, and I, the artist, leave behind a legacy of connections made, brands amplified, and memories etched in laughter and shared successes.

As I move forward with the Martech World Forum, the lessons learned in the whirlwind of events continue to guide me. The art of partnerships, the importance of teamwork, the resilience in the face of challenges – these are the souvenirs I carry, my compass for whatever adventures await.

So, whether I'm plotting the next big thing or embarking on a new personal endeavor, one thing is certain: the spirit of the event, the thrill of creating something extraordinary, will forever pulse through my veins. The show must go on, and I, with my 15-year backstage pass, am ready to play my part.

Stay curious,


Juan Mendoza

Juan Mendoza is an expert in researching global media, marketing, data, and technology trends. He is the CEO of The Martech Weekly, a media and research brand with subscribers in over 65 countries.

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