Welcoming Melissa McCready

Mar 6, 2024

Say a big hello to Melissa McCready! As the lead of our North American chapter, Melissa will be working on building our inaugural event series, the Martech World Forum, with a focus on driving our contributor and content strategy – kicking off with MWF San Francisco this August!

I first met Melissa back in 2022 when she stopped me in the elevator as it was closing, yelling: “We’ve got to have TMW keynote our next event!” Since then, we’ve worked closely with Melissa across a bunch of fantastic events in the United States.

When it comes to Martech, the United States is one of the most unique places in the world. Technology has become so advanced, and the concepts that marry marketing with technology are on a whole other level. Melissa has been an instrumental part of this evolution, pioneering new mental models for modern marketing such as Growth Ops, and establishing herself as a key player in the rise of Revenue and Marketing Operations in the United States. 

Melissa has consulted and advised companies in revenue and Martech strategy like Adobe, Microsoft, GE, Lean Data, and Syncari, on top of running major events such Ops Stars in San Francisco. Melissa is also deeply embedded in communities such The Growth Ops Community.  

I can’t find anyone else who truly knows the heartbeat of the marketing technology landscape, the who’s who, the challenges and priorities of Martech leaders, and the dynamic way in which marketing tech continues to evolve like Melissa does. She even knows where all the dead bodies are buried....

Here's what Melissa has to say about joining TMW:

Joining The Martech Weekly’s, Martech World Forum team is a dream! The team has amazing integrity and is superbly brilliant! The events will be really special and incredibly valuable for the Martech community by providing game-changing connections and takeaways that will resculpt how we evolve in Martech. I’m excited to be leading the North American chapter to expand the level of intellect and knowledge for everyone at the Martech World Forum! 

We’re so excited to welcome Melissa to Team MWF, and are super grateful that she can share her experience, talents, and war stories with us. If you’re interested in starting a conversation about partnering with us to expand the domain of knowledge in marketing technology, you can reach Melissa on LinkedIn, at melissa@themartechweekly.com, or apply to speak at MWF San Francisco!

Juan Mendoza

Juan Mendoza is an expert in researching global media, marketing, data, and technology trends. He is the CEO of The Martech Weekly, a media and research brand with subscribers in over 65 countries.

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